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Betty White’s Off Their Rockers Prank Show

July 24, 2012 by Tiff No Comments »

Oh it’s candid. And it can be quite ugly. It can be vulgar. And it can be absolute side-splitting laughter.

Imagine walking down the street when an elderly woman asks you to take a survey. You say no and keep walking. She then calls you an @ssV$@Y!^R$&! as you walk away. Imagine an old woman sitting down next to you on a park bench, farting continuously. Imagine one saying she needs you to txt her son on the cell phone, and then tells you during the text that she’s got a highly contagious disease which has probably contaminated the phone you’re holding? Oh yes. Imagine these, and many more pranks. And imagine them all done by the over-65 crowd. Yup. Good stuff.

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers airs on NBC on Wednesday night. I happened to discover it airing on another network as a replay, but that’s ok. Everyone can see it.

Get the info and see some of the pranks here:


What on Earth is There to Watch?!?!

July 23, 2012 by Tiff No Comments »

With everything showing repeats for the summer, I am at a loss as to what to view. And that, of course, leaves me at a loss as to what I should write about. So I decided to write about the fact that there’s nothing on television right now to write about!

What’s sad about this, is that people DO actually stay home some evenings during the summer. I feel like the networks think we’re all out on yachts enjoying the last bits of sunshine at 9pm and far from our televisions, ipads, or other viewing devices. Not so! In fact, I’ve been cooped up in the air conditioning this summer, because the Northeast has been far too hot for my liking. And indoors, I’m bored. So having some good tv would be really helpful right about now.

September’s season roll-outs seem so so far away right now.

Each night, I find myself falling asleep to the boring drone of Mike Judge’s voice as Hank Hill on King of the Hill on Cartoon Network. (Yes, we’re frequently tuned in to that station, and yes you will frequently be filled in on everything we see happening on it.) I actually got semi-excited over the fact that there’ll be a new Big Time Rush on tonight on Nick. What? I’m 38!!!!

I’m sad. I miss my prime-time favorites like “Once Upon a Time,” and “Revenge.” I miss “Fringe.” And sadly enough, I sort of miss American Idol. Of course, I mean the OLD Idol that included Simon and had no mention of a diva known as J.Lo, who in my opinion is the LO of the music scene. (She’s pretty, she’s decent at dancing and mediocre at acting, but she CANNOT sing.) Anyway….

Come on Season Premieres! You are taking too long. About as long as this dreadfully hot summer. I want fall. I want my tv back.


Annoying Orange

June 19, 2012 by Tiff No Comments »

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the thousands of youtube videos of these guys, you’ve been missing out.

My sons were playing with my iPad one day, and suddenly I hear this horribly annoying voice saying “Hey Apple. Hey Apple. Hey Apple. Knife!” Reluctantly, I approach. They’re cracking up. So I take the iPad and watch it for myself. It’s adorable. Perfectly titled, perfectly voiced, perfectly annoying!

A few weeks later, a friend and I are at Walmart when she yells out, “Hey! The orange guy!” The shelf is filled with Annoying Orange toys. My son starts yelling with excitement. He’s 2. He can’t talk very well. But he can certainly say “Annoying Orange!,” and all of Walmart knows it. (And by the way, they have Men’s Boxer Shorts now too!)

So, at $7.99 each, I cringe at how my husband will react and put them in the cart. Through the store, my son continues to squeeze them so they blurt out “Wassuuupppp!” and “You’re an Apple.” People are staring. My son is beaming with happiness. When my 5 year old gets home, all craziness ensues. They are making them interact with eachother. And then…. the commercial plays.

Cartoon Network announces the premiere of Annoying Orange coming for June 11, 2012. Yes! Everyone is smiling now.

We watch. It’s only 15 minutes!  We’re all horribly disappointed.  What a let-down.  Couldn’t they have at least lumped 2 of them together? And really, they aren’t as funny either.

Lastnight, the episode involved knight fighting, and a brief glimpse of how Orange and Passionfruit feel about eachother. But other than that, it was a waste of 15 minutes. I actually looked forward to MadTV to follow it so I might get a chuckle.

Now Annoying Orange isn’t as much of a big deal in our household. And ironically, Orange stopped talking this morning after my son threw him at the wall. So I guess Orange has out-stayed his welcome already. Time to move on.

But I will continue to grab a peek at them on YouTube. Some of the ones we’ve seen there are hysterical! I recommend looking them up.

Auctions for free stuff at


I’m Back!

by Tiff No Comments »

Back in 2005, I started this little blog to rant and rave about television I watched throughout the week.  I gave commentary on American Idol, FoodTV, TLC shows about aliens or Sasquatch, and more. It grew to be a well-followed site. So much so, that even Rolling Stone Magazine gave it a mention in a blurb about Taylor Hicks from American Idol. (March 2006 – Issue 996)

Then came baby.  In 2006 when my first son was born, I had NO TIME for writing a blog. Nor did I have time to watch any tv except Dora the Explorer! So I closed up shop.  I was also running a retail wedding web shop at the time so that had all of my leftover energy (and that was scarce!)

I’m back for 2012!  I miss writing. I miss interacting with you about shows you’re passionate about, or shows you downright hate. I love following celebs and spreading gossip about them.  But most of all, I love watching television!!!

Have fun. Don’t take me or my rants too seriously. And ever-so-important: Watch TV!